Active Transportation

Safe and Active Routes to School

The CAWC supports active transportation networks, helping people get safety from point A to point B through 'human-powered' energy.

If you and your community are interested in Safe and Active Routes to School, we encourage you to work with your town or city planner and your school administration to map out routes. Once the map is created, the CAWC is happy to create your brochure using our template and provide strategies on how you can spread the message or create 'walking school buses' to encourage active transport.

Concord School District Safe Routes brochures

Bicycle Safety Education

Through our partnership with the Central NH Bicycling Coalition (, we help schools, businesses and communities make the Capital region a safer place to cycle through education of drivers and cyclists.

Bicycle Friendly Driver Course

This one hour interactive class is aimed at educating all drivers on the best and safest ways to share the road with bicyclists.

Traffics Skills 101

This course combines classroom discussion/activities with on-road practice to instruct students in the principle of vehicular-style bicycling and overcoming the fear of riding in traffic. 

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Annual Concord Police Department Bicycle Rodeo

Held each year in June, the Concord Police Department hosts a Bicycle Rodeo with the help of volunteers and local organizations such as the Central NH Bicycle Coalition, CAWC, S & W Sports and Restoration Foursquare church. Teaching young kids basic safety skills such as riding in a straight line, scanning over their shoulder while biking and avoiding hazards and staying balanced while going slow, the rodeo is a fun, festive community event to foster safe biking. 

Highlights from the 2018 Rodeo: Concord Insider, WMUR

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