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5210 is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention strategy. It's a simple yet powerful messaging system that engages children (and adults) to make wholesome choices every day related to healthy eating and active living.

Consume five or more fruits and vegetables.

Two hours or less of recreational screen time.

Get one hour of physical activity.

Consume zero sugar-sweetened beverages.

5210 Goes to School

The CAWC is actively working with three school districts (Concord, Pittsfield, Allenstown) and a variety of family medicine and pediatric providers to share, promote and engage families in the 5210 message.


While our 5210 Coordinator cannot work individually with all schools in the region, we are happy to answer questions and provide guidance and suggestions on how you can incorporate 5210 into your school environment (students, staff and parents). You are welcome to take advantage of the tools and resources provided below that include assessments, posters, trackers and educational activities.  Many of these guidelines align with and help districts meet the requirements of their district's Wellness Policy.

5210 Goes to the Doctor

We want children and their families to experience the 5210 message wherever they go and what better place then when they visit their healthcare provider. Using our 5210 resources opens the door for discussions with patients and families around healthy eating, active living and weight. Plus, our partner programs such as Prescribe the Y (see below), support this work and provide referral resources you can trust.


If you are a provider looking to disseminate information to your patients or a patient looking to get your provider on board, please contact us. We make spreading the word and talking with patients easy; lobby displays, tracker magnets, posters and community resources are available.

Prescribe the Concord Y...just what the doctor ordered!

A free nutrition and physical activity program for kids in the 85th percentile for weight

5210 Resources

We have a variety of resources to help you spread the 5210 message and begin creating a culture that supports healthy eating and active living. However, the biggest resource is YOU - parents, teaches, administrators, healthcare providers and communities that role model, enact policies and create environments and systems that support good health!

Click on the icons below for specific activities related to 5210

*Rack cards available in six additional languages: French, Kinyarwanda, Arabic, Nepali, Swahili and Kirundi

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